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Protecting Your Family in the Event of Unexpected Tragedies

Many people who understand the importance of an estate plan think ahead to put a will, trust, and other documents in place. However, you may not think about a guardianship or conservatorship to protect minor children or adults who can no longer care for themselves. These legal arrangements place a person, such as a minor child or special needs adult, under the supervision of a chosen guardian or conservator. At Carter Law, PLLC, we can help you establish a guardianship or conservatorship for a child or adult in your care.

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Understanding the Importance of Guardianship Protection

Typically, a guardian is a family member, a close friend of the family, or in some cases, an individual appointed by the court. It is always best to put the choice in your own hands by drafting a guardianship agreement if possible. This is done by filing papers with the court and then illustrating why the person may need protection.

However, if a parent suddenly dies or is no longer able to make a decision, the court may step in. The main purpose of a guardian is to protect the welfare of the person in question and to ensure that they or their affairs are not being manipulated.

A guardian is responsible for:

  • Deciding where the person will reside
  • Making decisions regarding their medical care
  • Making decisions regarding their educational needs
  • Ensuring the protected person is cared for
  • Paying the person's expenses
  • Making decisions for their end-of-life care

What Is a Conservator Responsible For?

Conservatorships are an important estate planning tool in many situations, including special needs adults and adult children who live far from their elderly parents. A conservatorship may also be necessary for those who cannot care for their own finances for any reason.

While a guardian is responsible for protecting the person and their direct care, a conservator has the responsibility of protecting their property and estate. The conservator is expected to report to the court showing that their assets and debts are being managed properly.

A conservator is responsible for:

  • Paying the person's debts
  • Protecting the person's assets
  • Managing the transfer or sale of their assets
  • Managing the person's income

In some cases, the guardian who is chosen to care for the child or individual is also given conservatorship duties – however, the conservator and the guardian may be two separate individuals

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

The subjects of guardianship and conservatorship are quite sensitive and involve many complexities. It is always best to work with a knowledgeable Brentwood guardianship and conservatorship lawyer who understands the law and can represent your legal needs.

Whether you are deciding who will be named as the guardian of your children or you need to establish guardianship of a minor adult with special needs, you can rely on us to provide you with effective and tactful representation. We represent clients all over Williamson County and the surrounding areas, helping and protecting the people you love with compassion.

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